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Presenting our show for Autumn 2023

It’s not just a case of ‘Any Show Will Do’ this autumn

After a covid interruption in 2021, Ramsgate Operatic Society ‘return to the beginning’ for the legendary team of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice with the couple's first full-length internationally acclaimed musical. 


'JOSEPH' is a fast paced, comic journey through the biblical story of Jacob and his many sons which include his youngest, Joseph

His brothers sell Joseph into slavery after his father gives him a far from ordinary coat. Joseph’s gift for interpreting dreams saves him from an uncertain fate and helps to rescue Egypt from disaster! Family reconciliations and reunions are made before a triumphant, high energy finale!  


The show is awash with unforgettable music, ranging in styles from French ballads to rock and roll and from calypso to country and western! It will be performed by a large talented cast of adults and children, a live orchestra, fantastic sets and costumes along with a high-energy mix of choreography.


With something of everything for everyone, you won’t want to close your eyes as we ‘draw back the curtain’ to present this family-friendly show.

Tickets are on sale soon!

Check this website page or 'like' our FaceBook page to keep updated about the most colourful show of 2023 !

Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s extraordinary musical is a classic not to be missed!

Tickets will sell quickly so Keep an eye on this website and FaceBook page for further details! 


The long awaited Diamond Anniversary Show took place on 23rd and 24th October at the Sarah Thorne Theatre.  
The main aim was to celebrate the 60th  Anniversary of the Society, revisit some great songs from past shows and to give a glimpse of  our previously planned show for 2020 and 2021 which became a a casualty of covid, ‘Joseph and  the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’  

Rehearsals provided a great opportunity to keep the Society active, retain our existing members  and even add some new faces who have been welcomed into the ROS family and we hope will  want to remain with us for some time to come! 

Despite the late availability of tickets, sales were brisk in the last few weeks before the show and we managed to attract good sized attendances   

It  was very clear from the various reactions and comments after the performances, that both the audience and the cast had a great time!.  

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