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Ramsgate Operatic Society has been producing and performing shows since 1961 when a couple of teachers from what now is Chatham and Clarendon School started the group.

In the past, we did have a youth section which was very successful but unfortunately had to come to an end a couple of years ago.

We are very lucky to have some great singing, drama and dance coaches within the society that have agreed to volunteer their services in passing on their skills and knowledge to youngsters aged 9 -16.


Our mission as a society is to enable youngsters from all walks of life and of all abilities to spend time in an all inclusive, safe and welcoming environment. 

We would like to give young people a chance to build new friendship groups, have a really good time, learn new skills, become more confident within themselves, improve their mental health and wellbeing and shine.

Location &  time:

Location and time:

St. Ethelbert and Gertrude 

Church Hall.

72 Hereson Rd

Ramsgate  CT11 7DS


Thursday evenings 17.30 - 19:15hrs



Annual membership to the society is £10, which includes an initial logo printed t-shirt and free refreshments during the sessions. 

Weekly sessions are £2 paid 4 weekly in advance.

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