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Sheet music,  Main character profiles  and  Audition Tracks


Heaven's Light


Rest and Recreation

Top of the World

Main Character Profiles


Character: Clopin is the King (or Queen) of the Gypsies, They are a Clever and agile entertainer and Romani leader) who knows how to work the crowd on “Topsy Turvy” day. Clopin is fiercely protective of Esmeralda and the other Roma., and so shrewdly runs the Court of Miracles as a tight ship. Audition Song: Top of the world Vocal requirements: Baritone with rich lower register. Vocal range: E2 to Bb4


Character: The congegation is the clloective name given to the ensemble of gender-flexible storytellers. They narrate The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Each performer in the show begins as a Congregant before taking on the characteristics of their assigned character(s), which can include principal characters, Gargoyles, Statues, Revelers, Soldiers, Gypsies , etc. Congregation lines and lyrics will be the director. Vocal requirements: Ensemble performers Vocal range - varied


Character: Frollo, the archdeacon of Notre Dame, is a righteous man with a strong sense of obligation to his brother Jehan and nephew Quasimodo – but his devotion to the Church supersedes all. Frollo commands attention and obedience whenever he is present. Deeply ashamed of his intense physical attraction to Esmeralda, he attempts to control his desire by persecuting her and her people Audition Song: Hellfire Vocal requirements: Baritone with rich lower register. Vocal range: E2 to Bb4


Character: Phoebus is the dashing new captain of the Cathedral Guard. Conflicted between following his duty – including Frollo’s prejudiced instructions – and doing what’s right, He struggles with the trauma he experienced in four years of intense battle on the war front. Charming and arrogant, Phoebus focuses on enjoying life’s pleasures. Audition Song: Rest and Recreation Vocal requirements: Tenor with strong mixed voice. Vocal range: A2 to Ab4


Character: QUASIMODO, the bell-ringer of Notre Dame Cathedral, has a curved spine which affects his posture and gait. A life ringing the enormous bells has given him great physical strength but also a partial deafness. Quasimodo’s features frighten people. Curious and intelligent, he speaks freely with his gargoyle and statue “friends” in the bell tower Audition Song: Heaven's Light Vocal requirements: Strong high tenor with power and sensitivity. Vocal range: Bb2 to Bb5


Character: Esmerelda, a free-spirited shey (a young, unmarried Romani woman), uses her talent as a dancer to support herself. Independent and strong-willed, Esmeralda falls for the charming Phoebus despite her better judgment and staunchly refuses to give herself up to Frollo although doing so would save her life. Audition Song: Someday Vocal requirements: Mezzo Soprano with strong lower belt. Vocal range: E3 to D5.