SONG LIST (Not in show order)

South Pacific
Some enchanted evening (duet)
Nothing like a dame (men)
Wash that man (ladies)

My Fair Lady
Wouldn't it be lovely (solo)
On the street where you live (solo)
Get me to the church (solo / company)

Oh what a beautiful morning (solo)
I can't say no (solo)
Many a new day (ladies)

Me and my girl

Lambeth walk (company)

Me and my girl (duet)


You'll never walk alone (company)

Half a sixpence
Flash bang wallop (company)

Half a sixpence? (Duet)

Pirates of Penzance
With cat like tread (men)
Poor wandering one (solo)

Three little maids (triplet)
He's going to marry yum yum (Company)



Warts n' all (children only)

Come one, come all 

Fiddler on the RoofI

f I were a rich man(solo)

Matchmaker (tripet)

Jekyll & Hyde
This is the moment (solo)

Addams Family

When you're an Addams (company)

Crazier than you (duet)

Far away (solo)
We're going to the country (children)
Who's that geezer Hitler (company)

Guys and Dolls

Sit down your rocking the boat (men)

A bushel and a peck (solo/ladies)


Prologue (company)
Any dream will do (solo / children)
Song of the King (solo)
Joseph megamix (encore) (company)

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